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Steering and Suspension Service in El Sobrante, CA

At Burrough & Sons Automotive, Inc. in El Sobrante, CA, we’ve been working on suspension and steering systems for decades. Our family-owned and operated auto repair shop takes pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction and providing top-tier services for all makes and models.


Our ASE-certified auto technicians specialize in a range of steering and suspension services to address issues that can affect your vehicle's handling, ride comfort, and overall performance. If your car feels wobbly, unstable, or difficult to maneuver, stop by our locally owned and operated shop for a thorough inspection soon. Our mechanics are extremely detail-oriented, and we’ll only recommend the repairs you need.


Steering & Suspension Services

Power Steering Fluid Service

Regular servicing/flushing and replacement of power steering fluid to maintain smooth steering functionality.


Steering Gearbox

A thorough inspection and expert repair of the steering gearbox to ensure precise and responsive steering.


Shock and Strut Replacement

Replacement of worn-out shocks and struts for improved ride comfort and stability.


Suspension Bushing Replacement

Expert replacement of worn suspension bushings to reduce noise and vibrations.


and more! Contact the team at Burrough & Sons Automotive, Inc. to inquire about our services.


We prioritize your peace of mind and stress reduction by providing reliable steering and suspension solutions. As an environmentally friendly and green business, we recycle all recyclable auto parts, contributing to a sustainable future.


Proper steering and suspension contribute to even tire wear, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance vehicle stability. Therefore, we recommend having these components routinely inspected.


For expert steering and suspension service in El Sobrante, CA, and surrounding areas, trust our certified technicians at Burrough & Sons Automotive, Inc. to take care of the job. We’ll always get it done right the first time around!

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